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Not just any red light therapy, but cutting-edge medical photonic technology. Guaranteed results.

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FDA Cleared Technology

FDA cleared, UltraSlim® patented red light technology to stimulate fat cells

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The Contours Difference – A Non-Invasive Fat Loss Program

Contours delivers a pain-free, safe, and effective way to lose fat, rejuvenate your skin, or manage your pain without invasive procedures and painful side effects. Our affordable treatment packages are overseen by our board-certified medical director.

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Achieve your goals with our targeted services and begin your journey to looking and feeling your best.

Fat Loss

Using our patented UltraSlim® medical photonic technology (commonly known as red light technology), we can address your problem areas so you lose inches both immediately and painlessly.

Skin Rejuvenation

Turn back the clock with our extremely effective skin rejuvenation treatments!

Pain Management

This is not your run-of-the-mill red light therapy. Medical photonic technology is a versatile treatment for managing chronic, neck, joint, osteoarthritis, and more pain.

Our Most Popular Packages.

We offer multiple packages and can create custom plans as needed.

Belly Buster by Contours

Belly Buster

The Belly Buster is a cutting-edge, non-invasive alternative to liposuction that instantly reduces body fat in the buttocks, hips, and thighs.

Mommy makeover with UltraSlim®️ - Contours

Mommy Makeover

The Mommy Makeover, a series of treatments with UltraSlim®, targets the issues that are frequently brought on by pregnancy.

Dad Makeover – Belly Buster that is geared toward men, a revolutionary non-surgical liposuction alternative that slims the chest, love handles, and waist with no downtime.

Dad Makeover

Belly Buster that is geared toward men, a revolutionary non-surgical liposuction alternative that slims the chest, love handles, and waist with no downtime.

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Cutting Edge Red Light Technology and UltraSlim®

Benefits and Results Other Solutions Don’t Offer

Not only does our red light technology reduce fat but it can also assist in pain management and rejuvenate your skin. Regardless of the targeted area you select, you’ll receive all three benefits during your treatment.

How It Works
A great solution for fat loss

Targeted Fat Loss for the Whole Body

If you’ve tried many other solutions to lose fat such as diets and exercise regimens you understand it can be challenging and difficult to obtain results. Other procedures that involve lasers, freezing, microwaves, and even surgery may involve higher risk and even yield underwhelming results.

Red light therapy with UltraSlim® helps address fat loss, skin rejuvenation, and pain management with immediate results. It helps target specific areas of your body.

The Contours Difference

I was skeptical at first and did a ton of research. This has changed my life in many ways, on my first visit, I lost over 5“ and was able to wear one of my favorite pairs of pants that I had been stashing away for over two years.


I have lost over 16” in my first 6 treatments.


After my first visit — after three days past — I was blown away from the results. I lost 5” and 13 lbs.


I just finished my sixth treatment and lost a total of 13 3/8” off my waist, thighs, and arms. The process was easy and painless, and most of the time I was able to take a nap or read a book.


If you are reading this and wondering whether to do it, do yourself a favor and go for it! This has really helped me get on the way to losing inches.


How Can Contours Change Your Life?

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