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Red Light Therapy for Pain Management in Franklin, TN

Natural and immediate pain relief at Contours, a licensed med spa in Franklin, TN.
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Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or looking to manage pain after an injury or surgery, our red light therapy for pain management can help you find relief without adverse effects.

Our FDA-Cleared red-light technology uses a specific wavelength and energy level to penetrate deep into your skin and increase the energy inside your cells. This increase in power can increase your cells’ ability to repair and results in a reduction of pain and improved efficiency and function. Red light therapy can also decrease inflammation which can further reduce your pain.

Unlike other pain management techniques, use of red light therapy treatments target specific areas of pain and deliver natural and focused relief without additional pain or side effects. You’ll feel relief in as little as 45 minutes. To learn more, schedule your complimentary consultation or if you’re ready to get a treatment plan for your pain, book an appointment now!

Pain Management for Arthritis

Red light therapy has emerged as a promising solution for those suffering from arthritis pain and sports injuries. This non-invasive therapy involves exposing the skin to red and near-infrared light, which is believed to penetrate the skin and reach deeper tissues to stimulate cellular processes and reduce inflammation. By reducing inflammation, red light therapy can help alleviate arthritis pain and improve joint mobility and flexibility.

In addition, red light therapy has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen, which is a key protein in connective tissue. Collagen helps by supporting tendons, and ligaments, making it an effective treatment for individuals suffering from joint pain, whether from arthritis or minor injuries. Red light therapy can also help to improve circulation, which can aid in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the affected joints.

This improved circulation can help to reduce pain and swelling, making red light therapy a safe and effective alternative to traditional pain management methods, such as over-the-counter pain medication and steroid injections.


Hear What Our Customers Say

We understand what you’re thinking – does this truly work? Don’t take our word for it, listen real success stories and see real client results from past and current clients.

Kim is seriously the best! She is so kind and welcoming. Their office space is very inviting and I would definitely go back. You must try out the services at Contours!

Ansley A.Google Review

The staff here was very pleasant, friendly and quite personable. They answered any questions I had. They made me feel comfortable, making this experience relaxing as well as satisfying with the positive results from the very first visit.

Becky M.Google Review

Contours offers a very unique approach to non invasive medicine. That is one of the things I like about this service. As we all age the maintenance cycles become more important and more necessary. This service can be applied to many different parts of the body but one of my favorites was the Facial Treatments. As I have aged the lines on my face have become more of a problem. This treatment was amazing as to how it helped soften and smooth these area without using other invasive systems…

Erik P.Google Review

Contours is such an amazing experience. It is super relaxing and really jump started my weight loss plan. Kim at Contours is who you need to talk to. She made me feel comfortable and helped me through the entire program. Thank you so much, Contours!

Shannon F.Google Review

My face looks like I had a face lift And I also did my arms and saw a great improvement.

Linda Y.Google Review