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Instant and Pain Free

Fat Loss

Experience instant fat loss at Contours, a licensed med spa in Franklin, TN.

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Instant and Pain Free

Fat Loss

Experience instant fat loss at Contours, a licensed med spa in Franklin, TN.

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Targeted Fat Loss for the Whole Body

At Contours, we specifically address fat loss and problem areas with non-surgical fat reduction treatment. Losing weight through diet and exercise is great, but it usually doesn’t create the contour or shape a person is seeking. Our patented light technology sends a specific wavelength and energy level to the target area of stubborn fat triggering the body’s natural process of fat reduction: lipolysis, which disposes of the contents of the fat cells.

Our fat loss process is in contrast to different unnatural, usually invasive, and uncomfortable approaches that include removing fat cells or killing them with extreme heat or cold.

Instead, Contours uses its natural, clinically proven, effective, non-invasive fat reduction treatment to achieve desired outcomes with no downtime. A custom fat loss package is designed for each person, with a price favorable to that of surgical liposuction, laser, laser lipo, CoolSculpting, or surgery.

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Where Do You Want to Lose Fat?

Choose the area you would like to target.







Ready to get rid of that stubborn belly fat?

Belly fat is stubborn and is typically one of the most challenging areas of our bodies to target for fat loss. It appears in many different ways and can be traced back to a variety of causes for both men and women. Some of the more common contributors to belly fat could be related to genetics, exercise, diet, stress, hormones, or several other standard functions of our everyday lives.

Belly fat reduction often requires strict diets, long hours at the gym, a surgical procedure, or other invasive techniques. Alternatively, Contours provides an immediate, non-invasive, and pain-free method of fat loss utilizing FDA-Cleared red light therapy that stimulates your body’s natural fat-burning process called Lipolysis and makes quick work of making your belly fat disappear.

Lose your stubborn belly fat with as little as one treatment at Contours. Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about how our technology can help you reach your goals.


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Before and After Belly Fat Loss from red light therapy. 2 images of a man from the side lined up to show the reduction of fat in belly.

Lose 2″ in Your First Treatment or it’s FREE!

Are you struggling with lingering belly fat? Have you changed to a healthy lifestyle but still find you have stubborn pockets of fat around your midsection?

Then the Belly Buster Package is for You!

We are so confident that you will be satisfied after your first Belly Buster treatment that if you have not lost two (2) inches, you can choose to get your money back!

Our signature Belly Buster treatment targets your midsection and love handles. No need for a painful and expensive tummy tuck. You’ll return to your normal activities as soon as the session ends.

The Belly Buster Package treatment plan consists of six sessions over a period of six weeks to achieve optimal results and fat reduction from your midsection.

Measurements and photos will be taken before and after your first and last treatments to show you your incredible results. Most clients lose an average of 3” in their first treatment!

To learn more about our 2” Guarantee or to schedule a Free Consultation, contact us!

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Target that hard-to-lose thigh fat and feel your best!

In addition to belly fat, thigh fat is another area where it is extremely difficult to melt away unwanted fat. Contours’ light-based technology can specifically target the inner and outer thighs where there may be fat deposits. You’ll notice smaller, more toned thighs in only one treatment.

Choose a noninvasive treatment option that works quickly to burn thigh fat in targeted areas and avoids invasive treatments, the pain, or the recovery required of other types of fat loss procedures.

Book your free consultation today!


See incredible results by targeting your arm fat in as little as one treatment

Many people struggle with targeting stubborn arm fat. If you find yourself reaching for long sleeve shirts to cover up your arms, it’s time to visit Contours.  Our FDA-Cleared technology doesn’t require invasive surgery or any risk of scarring and instead releases the fat cells from the arms and allows the body to eliminate these contents through the natural process of Lipolysis.

The Contours arm fat burning service will break up the fat cells in your most challenging areas, such as upper arms and surrounding tissue, tricep fat, bicep fat, and armpit fat, and leave the skin looking tight and rejuvenated.

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Non-Invasive Facelifts

Rejuvenate your face by recapturing that youthful appearance and defining your jawline using our FDA-cleared red light technology. The dreaded face fat is bound to appear as we all age. The Contours team can help both women and men burn face fat without the use of needles, injectables, or fillers. Our non-invasive redlight technology will reduce wrinkles and define the lines that give you that signature, contoured look.



Lose inches around your neck in as little as one treatment.

Contour’s has the ideal way to remove a double chin and neck fat through a noninvasive procedure that can help you look younger and give you a more refreshing look. Neck fat can crop up on the back of your neck and underneath your chin, both areas which can be targeted using our FDA-cleared red light technology.

Allow the Contours team to help you focus on this tricky area and remove your neck fat!


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Real Client Testimonials

We understand what you’re thinking – does this truly work? Don’t take our word for it, read real success stories and see real client results from past and current clients.

I had the opportunity to demo a session at Contours and I cannot say enough great things about the experience! Everyone I came in contact with during my appointment was super friendly, knowledgable, and made me feel comfortable and welcome. After the session they showed me my results and I was blown away. I will definitely be back!

Maddie P. | Google

Amazing!! I lost more than two inches after my first treatment on my mid section! The spa is very clean, relaxing and the people who work at Contours are so friendly and make you feel as comfortable as possible. I almost fell asleep during my treatment it was so relaxing!

Rachel B. | Google

Contours offers a very unique approach to non invasive medicine. That is one of the things I like about this service. As we all age the maintenance cycles become more important and more necessary. This service can be applied to many different parts of the body but one of my favorites was the Facial Treatments. As I have aged the lines on my face have become more of a problem. This treatment was amazing as to how it helped soften and smooth these area without using other invasive systems…

Erik P. | Google

Contours is such an amazing experience. It is super relaxing and really jump started my weight loss plan. Kim at Contours is who you need to talk to. She made me feel comfortable and helped me through the entire program. Thank you so much, Contours!

Shannon F. | Google

Contours is fantastic! It’s a super easy, safe and effective way to lose stubborn fat and cellulite and tighten your skin. I noticed a visible improvement in my belly fat and the cellulite on my hips after the very first treatment! I was so impressed with my results, that I tried it to tighten the skin on my face, and I can’t believe the remarkable improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, and the visible tightening on my face and neck!! You really need to try this, it’s works!!

Kathy H. | Google

Kim is seriously the best! She is so kind and welcoming. Their office space is very inviting and I would definitely go back. You must try out the services at Contours!

Ansley A. | Google

The staff here was very pleasant, friendly and quite personable. They answered any questions I had. They made me feel comfortable, making this experience relaxing as well as satisfying with the positive results from the very first visit.

Becky M.| Google

My face looks like I had a face lift And I also did my arms and saw a great improvement.

Linda Y. | Google

How Does This Fat Loss Technology Work?

Our red light technology is patented, FDA Cleared, and completely safe. It’s the first and only technology of its kind here in Middle Tennessee. It delivers a specific light wavelength and energy level that stimulates your body’s natural fat-loss process called Lipolysis. Lipolysis is where the pores of the fat cells open and release their contents into the body. The body then processes and eliminates these naturally through the lymphatic system. Those fat cells stay open after treatment, so you continue losing fat for two to three days after your visit to Contours.

As a Contours client, you’ll experience immediate and measurable results!

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The Red Light

What can red light therapy be used for?

At Contours, we use red light-based technology for fat loss, skin rejuvenation, and pain management. It can target any body areas that someone wants to lose weight. It is the best way to reduce fat without surgery. Unlike other forms of fat loss, clients experience no down time or side effects.

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Losing Fat

What is the process?

During the initial consultation, we will determine your specific needs so we can provide the right treatment for you. We will also take photos so we can compare them to the final results after the last treatment. We have found that our clients have had better results with 6 fat reduction treatments over 6 weeks. We regularly have clients who see visible results after just one treatment (see our 2″ guarantee). During your treatment, you’ll rest comfortably on our spa-like bed, where our licensed technician will position the red light over the part of the body that we’re targeting.

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No Side Effects or Down Time

What are the side effects of using red light therapy?

Unlike other forms of fat loss, clients experience no downtime or side effects. There is no recovery time or need to limit normal activities.

A room with art work on the walls and four white chairs surround a table.
A patient room containing an examination table with all white linens and pillow and a red light therapy device.

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