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Contours offers UltraSlim® red light therapy that delivers a unique, high-power light that stimulates the natural process called lipolysis. Light passes through the skin layer into the fat layer (adipose tissue). During this process cells respond by releasing the fat through pores in the cell membrane. Which is then drained into the space between the cells, reducing the fat layer by 3.5 ”, 1.6 liters on average.

After treatment, patients will experience additional drainage of fat content. Over the next 72 hours the patient will lose an additional 1.25″, for a total loss of 4.75” on average. 1 cubic centimeter (cu cm) = 0.002204623 pound (lb).

UltraSlim® Weight Loss Calculator

Estimate your potential weight and inche loss and the number of sessions required with UltraSlim® treatment.

Please note: The projections provided by this calculator are based on average outcomes derived from published studies and are not guaranteed. Individual results may vary significantly and depend on a multitude of factors. For a personalized assessment and treatment, please get in touch to schedule your fee consultation.

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