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Registration and Treatment Process

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Prior To Treatment


An individual may learn about red light therapy through her or his physician, various online sources including the Contours website (, the device inventor, and manufacturer website (, and other sources such as Google.


A personal consultation is available from a Contours representative, which can be scheduled through the website or by calling the office. A consultation may be conducted by telephone, remote video conference such as Zoom, or in person at the office. A consultation typically lasts 20-30 minutes.


Registration involves the review and completion of admission, health history, and other forms, including the identification of goals and the selection of a package of services to meet those goals, payment, and scheduling the initial treatment session. Registration may be completed during a consultation or following it, either through the website, or with assistance by telephone, or in the office.

About Your Appointment

(1) Arrive in time for your appointment (See Map Below).ย  You should not need to wait or complete anything further.

(2) โ€œBeforeโ€ photographs and/or body measurements will be taken for our private records in order to document your progress, and in the first appointment, for purposes of assessing the refund guarantee. Men have five measurements taken, and women have six.

(3) A Contours staff member will record your measurements, and then begin the treatment session by positioning you on the cushioned massage table, and draping the areas that are not to be treated. Each area will be exposed for the prescribed number of minutes. Once one area is complete, your Contours staff member will reposition you, and continue until all areas of your chosen package are complete.

(4) Depending on your red light treatment, you may be asked to stand on a vibration plate for ten (10) minutes to facilitate the process of fat cell secretion.

(5) Your post-treatment photograph and measurements will be taken, recorded, and the difference in the pre and post-measurements will be calculated. If your aggregate loss was two inches (2โ€) or greater, you will be asked to acknowledge the loss by signing the appropriate form, as it pertains to the guarantee. If you did not lose 2โ€ or more, you may ask for a refund, which will be processed either then, or the next business day.

Enhancing Your Body Image Goals

Certain recommendations are made for a client to enhance her or his treatment results throughout the course of treatments.

(1) Supplements- Nutritional Over-the-counter Supplements aid in the natural detoxification process:

(a) 500 mg of time-release, non-flushing Niacin taken once daily

(b) 1000 mg of Milk Thistle, taken twice daily.

If you have health problems or take medications, always check with your pharmacist or doctor before taking any nutritional supplements.

(2) Hydration is key to optimal cellular function and extremely useful to the success of treatment:

(a) Drink a minimum of 64 oz. of water each day (two liters). It is recommended you drink eight (8) oz. glasses of water throughout the day to maximize the body’s hydration level.

(b) Discontinue the use of coffee or other caffeinated beverages during the duration of your treatment program. Caffeine is a diuretic and causes dehydration. If you feel that you must have coffee, add more water intake to that recommended in (a) above.

(3) Limit Stress on the Liver- The liver processes toxins. Many things are considered toxic to the body including alcohol, highly processed foods, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen, among other things. These inhibit the effectiveness of the liver and of liberated fat through the treatments. If possible, keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum throughout the course of treatments.

Complete abstinence is preferable.

(4) Lymphatic Stimulation- The fatty material released by the fat cells will be processed by the lymphatic system. Therefore, it is critically important to help promote lymphatic system mobilization. There are several ways through which this may be achieved: the most basic and effective is light to moderate activity. You should maintain a regular workout routine consisting of walking for 30 minutes every day or the equivalent. Light exercise at the gym will also be beneficial, as will a series of lymphatic massages (typically on the day following each treatment). Strenuous exercise is not recommended as it reduces the hydration of the client. Massaging the treated areas is also helpful. We offer whole-body vibration therapy, which has been shown to achieve significant lymphatic stimulation.

(5) Compression Garment- Wearing a compression garment will also help the lymphatic system process the liberated fat and reshape the body. We recommend that you wear a compression garment such as embolism pantyhose, a girdle, corset, Spanx, or UnderArmour as tight as can be tolerated, as many hours a day as can be tolerated (two sizes less than what you typically are)

(6) Food Intake- You should be under no misconception that phototherapy is a license to increase your food intake! On the contrary, we recommend that you maintain a low saturated-fat and processed food diet. This allows your kidneys, liver, and lymphatic systems to more effectively purge the excess fat as it is converted to energy.

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