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Contours LLC was founded in 2021 by two friends, Keith Bolton and Douglass Myers, PhD. Douglass was a young hospital administrator in Newport Beach, CA early on in his career. In the early 1980’s, Douglass was named the CEO of Irvine Medical Center, and he became a mentor to an undergraduate at UC Irvine, Keith, who also worked at Hoag Hospital and was involved in the development of the Irvine Medical Center. It was at Douglass’ recommendation that Keith follow his path to graduate school at Duke University, from which he graduated in 1986.

A Long-Awaited Partnership

Douglass and Keith always dreamed of working together on a business venture. In early 2021, the two were asked to evaluate a provider of red light technology therapy in another state and asked to find a way to grow the business. Their ideas involved using professional medical management principles, methods and tools, automating the practice to maximize the quality of care. These ideas were rebuffed, and Mr. Bolton pushed forward to create a similar business near his home in Middle Tennessee.

Douglass Myers, PhD and Keith Bolton

Douglass Myers, PhD and Keith Bolton, Contours Co-Founders

Customer-Centered: The Importance of Quality at Contours

Keith and Douglass are adamant about certain business strategies. First and foremost, they believe that quality of clinical performance and outcome is everything. The two had looked at a number of different fat loss providers, and discovered that most did not measure patient outcomes. They believed that, unless outcomes are monitored and compared, they shouldn’t be in this line of work. Simply put, if the data don’t show that the technology is effective, they didn’t want to put their name on it.

In addition to measuring results, another key point for Keith and Douglass is that service should be primary. Hiring the right staff, training them, and providing “high touch” patient experience is central to the kind of practice they want to run. The staff also must believe in the treatment process and result. To that end, Contours has sought to hire and train staff who hold the same core values as themselves: people dedicated to quality of service, and responsive to patient needs.

Providing Exceptional Service: Contours’ Approach to Customer Satisfaction

The Company strategy is to use clinical management technology that best serves patients. Professional healthcare practice management and the use of an electronic medical record (EMR) system allows for the secure retention of data, including photographs, for the patient, while making the office paperless, seamless, and customer friendly. After extensive analysis, Contours engaged Wylie Systems from Toronto for their EMR and Practice Management System.

Wylie has been developed by healthcare providers for providers and, with more than 1500 clients, Wylie monitors patient progress on a comprehensive basis. For instance, over the last six months, patients have lost 3.1” of fat on their first treatment, and our results have been consistent since our inception. This kind of information is quite instrumental in ongoing staff training, as well as marketing and sales, and gives us all confidence that we are producing the results we seek for our patients. Contours will continue to seek the best methods for delivering the best possible quality of care in comfort and convenience for every patient.