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Lipolysis Explained

Lipolysis is the natural process by which the body breaks down fat into usable energy. Understanding how it works can help individuals achieve their fat loss goals through lifestyle interventions or technologies such as ours. This post will explain what and how this process works with red light technology.

Once you get past the spelling of the word, diving into the concept of lipolysis is actually pretty easy. I have been in healthcare for over forty years, and I think I have seen just about every possible (mis)spelling of the word;

  • lipolysis
  • lipolisis
  • lipolylysis
  • lipolasi
  • lipolusis

It is a buffet of letters. Spelled right, I think you get 26 points in Scrabble.

Before we go too far, let’s break down the word lipolysis into its component parts to understand what it means.

Where does it come from? Broken down, the word has two parts: The prefix “lipo” is of Greek origin and means fat. The suffix “lysis” means to break down, decompose or dissolve.

Thus, in its simplest, crudest form, lipolysis (however you want to spell it) is the breakdown of fat in the body. You can probably guess what the name “liposuction” means!

The Science Behind Lipolysis

Wikipedia describes lipolysis as:

“The metabolic pathway through which lipid triglycerides are hydrolyzed into glycerol and free fatty acids. It is used to mobilize stored energy during fasting or exercise, and usually occurs in fat adipocytes.”

So what is glycerol? Wikipedia, the source of so much internet knowledge, describes it as

“Glycerol is a naturally occurring alcohol. It is an odorless liquid that is used as a solvent-sweetening agent, and also as medicine. When glycerol is in the intestines, it attracts water into the guy, softening stools and relieving constipation.”

I will talk more about glycerol in a future post. In short, we recommend patients do not use alcohol within 48-72 hours of being treated by RLT. You can probably now understand why.

Contours Ultra Slim Technology: Stimulate Lipolysis

When the body needs to generate energy, it naturally breaks down stored fat into fatty acids and glycerol. These compounds are transported to the liver, where they can be used for energy. Contours’ Ultra Slim technology uses the body’s own natural process of lipolysis to trim inches off of you.

In recent years, researchers have developed drugs trying to capitalize and stimulate the process of lipolysis. These include beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists, which stimulate lipolysis in adipose tissue, and hormone-sensitive lipase inhibitors, which inhibit the breakdown of stored fat.

These drugs, however, have had limited success in clinical trials, and there are concerns about their safety and side effects.

Another approach to using lipolysis in the treatment of obesity is through lifestyle interventions such as exercise and diet. Regular exercise has been shown to stimulate lipolysis and promote weight loss, while diets that restrict calories and carbohydrates can also increase lipolysis and promote fat loss.

Contours red light technology uses a wavelength and a power setting to trick the body into lipolysis by opening a pour in the membrane of the fat cells themselves, allowing the fatty materials inside to excrete, where they are picked up by the liver and disposed of—naturally.

Other technologies on the market destroy the fat cells, either by heating or cooling. We don’t destroy your fat cells. We simply use them the way they were designed to be used.

Maybe we should change the name of our company from Contours to “Liberating Energy.” Or “Liberating Energy Naturally.” “Libenat” for short.

Another big Scrabble point count.